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Tile Removal

Are you thinking of remodeling your house?  A part of the process includes removing your tiling, and it’s not as simple as it sounds. The process is both lengthy and messy, and you need to have the expertise to succeed. In Ipswich Tiling, we take pride in our tiling services, both installation, and removal. Grab that phone and contact us now to get your free quote today!

Over time, your tiles can look less than impressive due to cracks, loosen tiles, stains, fading, discoloration of the grout, and damages, with normal wear and tear. These issues are common to old tiles, which sometimes is hard to fix or, worse, an impossible process. The penetrable nature of tile makes it absorbent of stains, and eliminating them is difficult. Cracked or uneven tiles are hazardous for your family and visitors to steer across. Rather than living with ceramic tile that doesn’t meet your standards, go for a spanking new floor with our help. Professional tile removers can help eliminate your old flooring with fast and straightforward tile removal.

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Dust-Free Tile Removal

With the advancement of technology, removing tile dust-free is that the prominent thanks to getting it on because it leaves you with no mess. Dust-free tile removal continues to be a replacement concept not many folks know. We make sure to remove an amount of dust because it is being created. The dust doesn’t get an opportunity to fill the air. By reducing these dust particles, your home remains cleaner and safe for your family and visitors.

Our team’s experience for many years now provides a cleaner, faster, and affordable solution to your traditional tile removal project with our Dust-Free Tile Removal.

Tiling Removal Process

Removing your tiling requires the skills and tools to carry out the process successfully. To ensure that we will give you the best results, we are equipped with everything we need to remove your tilings, such as hand chisels, hammers, vacuums, waste removal, protective gears, generators, and many more.

We ensure to do the process by properly:

  1. Removing first the baseboards/ trim along with appliances or built-in furniture for when you will have your new tiles installed;
  2. Removing the Tiles by breaking the first tile with the edge of a hammer and a chisel to pick up the tile’s remainder. After removing the first tile, the other tiles can be popped up easily with your chisel and hammer;
  3. By the time all tiles are removed, we will then remove the underlayment of the tile; and
  4. Once the underlayment is gone, the subfloor will be cleaned to make it completely smooth and ready for the tile installation.

Why Choose Ipswich Tilers?

Our team is created of licensed and insured crews of experienced employees, and that we can tackle multiple jobs at just once. Removed from being a one-person operation, we are an expert ceramic tile mover that may assist with any property type. We can handle both your residential and commercial floor removal needs with speed and accuracy. We’ve got the tools and equipment needed to complete your job quickly and efficiently and also the reputation to back it up.

Ipswich Tiling will continue developing and improving our systems and repairs to confirm our clients receive superior craft and service whenever. Contact us today to urge an estimate for ceramic tile removal in your home or business. We will be happy to come back to you and provide you with a customized estimate for the work you wish. We are here to ensure the task is done right.

Need a Tiling Service in Ipwich?

We specialize in both indoor and outdoor tiling. Whatever your tiling needs are, we are here to help.