Things You Need To Know About Structured Tiles

From kitchen walls, bathroom floors, living rooms, pathways, or even driveways – tiles are always an excellent choice. However, with all the tile types in the market, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it is your first time using them for the project you have in mind.

At Ipswich Tiling, we understand that picking the right tile type for your space can be daunting. That is why we will share with you one of the most sought-after tile types in Ipswich – structured tiles.

Have you heard about it? What exactly are structured tiles? Are they used for the structure and construction of the building? In a nutshell, structured tiles are not utilized for the structural aspects of a building. However, it has an undulating and textured surface which gives it a unique structure. Since it is manufactured almost the same as ceramic and porcelain tiles, structured tiles are also very durable and resistant to scratch and daily wear and tear.

Benefits of Using Structured Tiles

Since structured tiles have a decorative and textured surface, it is mostly used on walls because it might be uncomfortable to step on it. This tile type also has less obtrusive and anti-slip surfaces used for flooring on pathways, driveways, and poolsides. Besides that, check out how structured tiles can be a great choice for your home:

It is very eye-catchy. Incorporating structured tiles on your feature walls or room can instantly upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your space. It can be utilized for traditional and contemporary themes and create a unique accent or design. You can also use them with smooth tiles to achieve a stunning contrast.

Structured tiles are a great choice for those who wish to achieve a natural effect on their landscape. The features of these tiles can seamlessly blend through the natural curb appeal of your landscape because of its rough and uneven surface.

Examples of Structured Tiles

Structured tiles come in a variety of styles. So our certified tillers will share with you some of the most popular structured tiles preferred by residents in Ipswich. Here are some of them:

Mandara Tiles

This kind of structural tile is large and usually comes in honeycomb and pyramid patterns. They are very easy to use because you just have to lay the tiles in a linear formation to create a beautiful design. You can also utilize a colored grout to make the pattern stand out more.

Glaciem Tiles

Since Glaciem tiles are etched and cut in varying surface heights, it makes the light bounce at different angles around the room where you plan to install it. Due to that, it makes the space bright and vibrant. Seagrass and black are the most common shades for this structured tile.

Swave Tiles

Swave tiles are 3D wall tiles that can make your bathroom feel more sophisticated, unique, and stunning. Since these wave tiles are available in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and designs, you can easily arrange them to create distinctive combinations that will match your space. It can also be used on feature walls, decorative borders, or mixed with smooth or plain tiles to craft a contemporary theme.

Patchwork Tiles

This type of structured tile is a bright and decorative accent tile that can create a bold statement for your space. It has a raised and grid-like surface which is well suited for contemporary aesthetic themes. It can be used with plain tiles, bold metallics, glass, or other graphic shapes.

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