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Tiling is a very important part of building a house or a commercial property. In fact, in many home renovations, the most often service homeowners need is tile replacement or reapplication of the grout. Tiles have become prominent design features in modern interior and architectural design. However, in New South Wales and Queensland, only licensed professionals can perform waterproofing and wet sealing for tiles. That is why it is important that you have a go-to place for services like this. Here at Ipswich Tilers, we offer the most reliable, professional, and cost-effective tiling services in Ipswich and surrounding cities. We deliver a service to our customers that exceed expectations.

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced tilers in Ipswich that specializes in bathroom tiling, kitchen tiling, and floor tiling. We have been providing these services in and around Ipswich for the last 14 years and we guarantee that we treat every client as a priority.

Our inventory of available tiles and tile designs is also one of the biggest. We have different colours, and designs, and styles that will fit your preference. All of them are high-quality and durable. So if you are looking for superior and affordable tiling service in Ipswich, call us at (07) 3050 0717 to talk to one of our tiling experts and explore all the options available to you!

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Clear Communication

We value clear communication here in Ipswich Tilers. We understand that you need to be updated on the status of your project every once and a while. With that, all our contractors and tilers are always available whenever you need to inquire or clarify anything. We're always here to listen.

On-Time Project Delivery

Deadlines are always dead...and we beat them all the time. Before any project will commence, we will provide you with a reasonable and transparent estimate of the duration of the entire project so you know when to expect us to deliver the output.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

Our pricing policy is always centered on fairness and transparency. We are providing an honest quotation before the start of any project that outlines all the possible costs. You can also provide us with your budget limit and we can walk you through the different options that fit your budget.

Tiling Services in Ipswich

Our team is composed of highly skilled tilers in Ipswich with years of experience. Our tiling specialties include custom tiled entryway borders, mosaic feature walls for bathrooms, powder rooms and kitchens, as well as shower niche and tiled shower bases. For whatever tiling job is needed, we got it covered!

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Kitchen Tiling

A successful kitchen tiling can make or break your homes. Statistically in Australia, kitchens are the first part of a home to be renovated. It is brought by the fact that there is a lot of foot traffic and exposure to moisture and water in the kitchen area. We at Ipswich Tilers are extensively experienced in installing kitchen tiles. Our tilers are very professional and we offer the service at a very competitive rate!

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Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom tiling requires waterproofing. That is the reason why almost all the time it is the professionals who do it, especially in New South Wales and Queensland where you need a license to do so. Your bathroom tiles should also pass the Australian Standard AS3740-2010 - ‘Waterproofing of domestic wet areas’ to pass a building inspection.

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General Tiling & Facade

Our services are holistic and we provide tiling services to almost all parts of your homes and commercial buildings - that includes indoor walls, piers, and even the facade of your homes. Call us today and talk to one of our tiling experts so they can walk you through the different options that are available for you here at Ipswich Tilers.

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We strive to deliver only the best. Our quality is our guarantee.

Honest & Fair Pricing

We strive to make professional tiling services available to everyone.


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